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List of Contributors

Martin Cole – A bookseller and artist living in New Orleans, Martin enjoys reading writing poetry and running through City Park.

Samantha J. Curley – A recent graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Samantha co-founded Level Ground, which seeks to build conversations about religion and sexuality. A writer by nature, she enjoys film, baking, and running. Check out her blog at Sam’s Storybook.

Randall S. Frederick – Originally from New Orleans, Randall currently lives in Los Angeles. He is a writer for The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and a large collection of other publications.

Marie Johanson  – A recent graduate of the University of Virginia, Marie (a pseudonym) spends her days working for a software company. Her nights are spent dancing salsa and writing for The Relationship Rolodex.

Syd ShookPoet, adventurer, linguist, teacher, and a former actress, Syd now does development work with her husband. Her dog, Okie-Doke, is unashamedly a surrogate child.

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